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Get ready to wreak some HAVOK the next time you hit the water! HAVOK was designed for one purpose and that is to wreak HAVOK in the water wherever and whenever you cast it! Standing out among the crowd with its durable build, wild action and suspending ability for added hang time, HAVOK bring a combination of the best of a few types of baits! Works excellent as a crankbait, trolling bait, twitch bait and jerkbait, which gives you options on the water! HAVOK boasts all this for an affordable price all while achieving durable paint and quality components like VMC 9626 hooks and heavy duty split rings. If versatility is what you want while keeping a durable build and not breaking the bank, look no further!




Length - 5.5 in (BODY) 8 in (WITH TAIL) 10in (WITH TAIL EXTENDED)

Weight - 2.2oz or 62grams

Action - Suspending 

Depth - 5-7FT Casting, 10-13)FT+ Trolling 

Rattle - Yes (SOFT)






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