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Adam's Custom Lures, LLC has become a one stop shop when it comes to creatively finishing and assembling fishing lures for the consumer and commercial manufacturing companies all around the world.  All of us at Adam's Custom Lures, LLC take pride in our work and never stop learning to become the best we can possibly be.  We have a passion like no other when it comes to fishing lures.  

At Adam's Custom Lures, LLC we also offer our own brand of products and will continue to do our best to create unique products that perform well for specific species and fishing conditions.  We work hard to interact with local fishermen, partner with guide services and get as much knowledge ourselves for a variety of different fishing water bodies and conditions to help make our products stand up to conditions and situations that most products fail to meet.  We believe baits should be designs for specific tasks and need to perform well in order to get fish in the boat.   


Adam LaMey

Founder & CEO

Adam believes you should dream big and never stop chasing your dreams.  With Christ at the center of his passion, Adam is always finding new ways to be inspired and to inspire others.  

Katherine LaMey

Head of Comunications

Katherine is the organizer of the family and the rock to Adam and his dream.  Katherine is the one who keeps things running smooth and makes sure things are getting finished on a timely manner.  


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Tel: (272) 202-8111

Mill Hall, PA

United States of America

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