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Introducing the thinnest bait on the musky market, the ROADKILL™! 

With its impressive thin profile this bait is an excellent representation of a bluegill, crappie or shad profile!  We set out to mimic the same action a having a live bluegill on the end of your line and we did just that!  With its ability to be erratic, its hard thumping action and its ability to troll well at high speeds, this crankbait sets the stage for thin profile baits.  


ROADKILL™ comes equipped with a nice rattle as well, giving it added attention where sound is needed!  We designed this bait to support #6 HD split rings and the VMC 9626 4X strong hooks without compromising incredible action.  


If you are looking for a hard thumping and shower running crankbait, ROADKILL™ will fit that category and then some!  


Length - 4.5" Body 

Weight - 1.7oz 

Rattle - Yes 

Depth Casting - 3-5FT

Depth Trolling - 30@6  50@8  60@10  

Buoyancy - Slow Rise 


Replacement Hooks - VMC9626 4X Strong 


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