John Henning Jr, 47, is from Lansdale, Pa, just outside of Philadelphia.

He is married to his loving and very supportive wife of 25 years. They have two children,

ages 9 and 14. He is an openly religious man. John has fished most of his life, and started

tournament fishing in 1995. His experience includes club, BASS district, TBF District,

PA State Championship, ABA, Redman, and Bassmaster top 150(amateur). He currently

competes in TBF club and PA District 1 tournaments . He has fished the Northeast Division

Wal-Mart/BFL tournaments as a Co-Angler, for the last two years, qualifying for each

corresponding Regional. He likes the challenge of fishing tidal water, as well as fishing

all the lakes and rivers of the eastern United Sates. Besides fishing, John enjoys making

new friends and connections while competing. As a Promotional angler he utilizes social

media, articles on, word of mouth, and actual distribution of product to

promote his partners while on the road. As the PA TBF Conservation Director he oversees

many environmental and conservation topics, in PA MD NY NJ, besides informing

the membership thru articles on the organization web site. You can also find him on

Instagram, Facebook,, and, posting pics, promoting his sport,

and offering any advice to whoever asks. When not on the water, John is a Boy Scout

committee member, volunteers at TBF high school and youth tournaments, and is a teen

tournament mentor. Some of his video posts have viewed 1000s of times on Facebook.

His most currently active post is sitting at 81K people reached so far.